Social Media Management
Instagram + Facebook Set-up
LinkedIn Set-Up + Management
Content & Graphic Creation, Repurposing + Planning

Copy editing
copy + blog writing
launch support
idea collaboration

1:1 Coaching services
voxer coaching
strategy calls
content editing
...And so, so much more


This package includes (Per Week):
3 Posts
Up to 1 Story / Day
1-2 Graphic Creations
On-Brand Captions
On-Brand Set Hashtags
Instagram Layout Planning + Scheduling
Cross-Posting to up to 3 Social Media Platforms
$750 / Month

This package includes Everything in Lite +:
5 Posts / week
Up to 2 Stories / Day
3-4 Graphic Creations
On-Brand Customized + Researched Hashtags
Interacting with Audience — Responding to Comments and DMs
Monthly Social Media Schedule
$1,250 / Month

This package includes Support +:
Up to 8 Posts / week
5-6 Graphic Creations
Up to 5 Stories / Day
Interacting in Facebook Groups
Proactively Reaching Out to + Interacting with Desired Audience - Follower Curation
Providing analytics and SEO Research
$2,000 / Month

Need something more than you’re seeing here?
Are your social media needs unique?
We can design your very own custom package that fits the needs of your business!

5 Hours of Virtual Assistance Per Week

For odd jobs and occasional support.
You’ve got it all under control - there’s just a few things you want to outsource.
$1000 / Month

10 Hours of Virtual Assistance Per Week
You have a pretty steady workload you need outsourced on a weekly basis. Maybe you need help managing your social media, responding to e-mails daily and scheduling appointments or interviews— this is the package for you!

$1,750 / Month

15 Hours of Virtual Assistance Per Week
Who said you can’t have it all? With this package you can! You’re hyper-focused on growing your business and you need your right hand gal there to support you on a consistent basis... this is the package for you!

$2,750 / Month

Custom Package Tailored For YOU!

It’s the choose your own adventure of the VA world. Do your business needs fluctuate on a weekly basis? Want to start out light and give me more responsibility? This is the right package for you!


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If you don't see something you need here, go ahead and contact me. Chances are -- I can help you out! I have taught myself skills I never thought I would be able to do (making this website for instance!) and I'm always looking to expand my skill-set. Let me know what you're thinking about and I can either take care of it, or help you find someone who can!

what if i need something different?

The best part about working for myself is that I don't have set working hours. My time is flexible and I can accommodate meetings when you need. I am in central time zone but am generally available between 10am-9pm.

What are your working hours?

Any time -- are you feeling overwhelmed and want to get things off of your plate? Contact me right away! Do you think you need to outsource something in order for your business to grow, but aren't quite sure? Go ahead and reach out! It's never too early or too late.

When should I contact you?

I understand things come up. There are life and business changes that happen unexpectedly. If we are in our "trial period," you would need to complete this time. A working rhythm is established with both parties after a bit of trial and error -- which is why I always use the 1 month trial first. If we have completed our "trial period" and are in an extended contract, I would need 2 weeks notice.

What if I need to cancel?

I have a 1 month minimum commitment with each client I take on. I like to call this a "trial period" to see if we're a great fit to work together. If we are -- we can sign a longer contract and continue our relationship!

What is the minimum commitment?

Though I have pre-set packages for you to choose from, you may not see exactly what you need for your business. I want you to get all of the support you need out of our partnership — custom packages are always available.

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