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What is the Secret to Selling?

If there's time to lean...



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After spending 10 years in retail, 7 in retail management, I got used to hearing a lot of “no.” “No. It’s too tight,” “No. It’s too expensive,” “No. Does it come in hot pink instead?” So how did I manage to run 72% increases or move up 50 company ranking spots? By turning those “nos” […]

Secrets to Selling: Overcoming Objections

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If there’s time to lean… there’s time to clean. This is an adage I adapted early on in my retail career. I’m sure it was told to me by my manager when I was a salesperson, and it always stuck with me. It was typically used when a salesperson was leaning over the cash wrap, […]

If There’s Time to Lean…

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The secret to selling is that people shop with people.   What? Did you think I would say something surprising?   I’m sitting here typing this, my first blog post, at 10:30pm on a Friday night because I had an epiphany.   Let’s take a step back. Two days ago I posted a photo on […]

The Secret to Selling

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